Rahmani Kadarningsih
- Teknik
The high amount of steel bar reinforcement in beam-column joints causes congestion problem. Here, king cross steel profile, as an alternative to shear reinforcement in the joint of reinforced concrete beam-column, is proposed. This is achieved by simplifying the assembly of king cross steel profile implants at beam-column joints as a shear reinforcement, which could be expected to replace the transversal reinforcement and enhance the joint shear strength. Two sets of interior beam-column joint subassemblies with stirrup reinforcement (SJ) and with king cross steel profile reinforcement (KCJ) as the shear reinforcement in the joint were studied. The experimental result concluded that the average peak load of SJ specimen was higher than that of KCJ. However, KCJ had good performance and contributed to the shear strength of the joint. The performance and contribution of KCJ can be seen from the load carrying capacity above 6.7% in the positive direction and below 24.91% in the negative direction compared with SJ. The pattern of the crack occurred showed a severe failure in the joint panel of KCJ. In this study, the width of the web was twice that of the flange, but in future studies, the width should be enlarged until it sufficiently fills the entire joint section and the width of the web is about six times of the flange. This web enlargement and flange reduction were performed by considering the area of a cross-section of the king cross profile and the requirement of shear capacity of the joint installed. It was done to increase the shear strength of the interior beam-column joint subassemblies with KCJ.
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Rahmani Kadarningsih, Iman Satyarno, Muslikh and Andreas Triwiyono
Tipe Material
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