Ummyssalam Adam Taniyo Ambala Duludu
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Abstract This is a research and development study aimed to solve the problem of the inadequacy in tutor professional development in the district of Bone Bolango in Indonesia. Several efforts have been made to improve tutor competences in the nonformal education sector (basically in equivalenc education programs). One of the efforts has been to develop models for professional tutor trainings. However, the models in place have not been able to fill the gap in tutor professional development. Because of this, in this researh, I inteded to to develop a training model based on Local-Values for the enhancement of tutor professionalism. The process to develop the model involved: 1. Preliminary study, 2. Conceptual model development, 3. Validation of the expert, and revision of the model, 4. Implementation of the model, 5. Testing the effectiveness of the model, and 6. Development of the recommended model. It was revealed that: 1. Tutor trainings basically for �packet C� were still conventional and did not put in consideration the local situation of Bone Bolango and specifically the condition of the learners, thus requiring a new model for intervention, 2. Expert validation led to the development of a training model with a basis on the local values, 3. There is no sufficient collaboration amongst the relevant agencies in the monitoring of tutor post-training programs, and 4. The training model developed in this study successfully contributed to the improvement of tutor professional competencies in the teaching of packet C. Key words: Bone Bolango, Local Values, Training and Tutor Professionalism
Indian Journal of Health & Wellbeing
Ummyssalam A.T.A. Duludu
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