Hasanuddin Fatsah
- Bahasa
The objectives of the research are (1) to find out the way of the two societies with different language and culture background assimilate together in the Togean Island, (2) to find out how to adapt their language and culture among Togean Society and the tourists in Togean island, (3) to find out the tolerance attitude exist among native people and the tourist in Togean Island, and (4) to find out the sympathy attitude between two groups with different language and culture background occur in Togean Island. The research used qualitative approach. The research findings were (1) Different language and culture background assimilation occurred when NS used a foreign language (English) to assimilate their language with NNS interaction. NS developed their language assimilation by using code switching and code mixing strategies. On the other hand, NNS also tried to acquire NS language; (2) Culture assimilation occurred in both NS and NNS when they were doing cultural practice, cultural activities, food selection, and interpersonal contact in both NS and NNS of Togean. (3) Language and culture adaptation of NS and NNS occurred at (a) intensive interaction with NS and NNS, (b) followed traditional habits of the NS, (c) eat rice for meals, (d) eat traditional foods, (e) participated in social activities, and (f) attending traditional activities. (4) Tolerance attitude between NS and NNS of Togean related to respects ethnics, ideology, accepted to other people, helpful, give appreciation, and permit among NS and NNS of Togean Islands. They have good tolerance attitude each other.Sympathy attitude is important unsure that should be done in interaction for make interaction running well, particularly for native speaker and non native speaker. In this research setting founded there are a lot of aspects that getting sympathy from native speaker and non native speaker. The aspect are language used, participated in traditional festival/ceremony, wear polite dress, followed the rule that made by native speaker, and many others. The significance of this research are:This research gives a good contribution for linguistic, especially the theory of antropolinguistics, sosiolinguistics, and psycholinguistics. It can be increased various theory of acculturation in language and culture in Indonesia. The research findings are significance for developing applied linguistics for teaching cross cultural understanding. It is also significance to give information for students and teacher in promoting their learning and teaching related to language and culture, tourism sectors in Togean Island.
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