Zuchri Abdussamad
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Abstract, This research aims at analyzing the extent of organizational communication influence on the quality of service that provided by the employees at office of Gorontalo City. This research uses quantitative method. The data are analyzed using path analysis and observation, documentation and questionnaire as data collection method. This questionnaire has previously tested its validity an reliability. The number of respondents in this research is 32 respondents. The analysis show that organizational communication that comprises of internal communication (X1) and external communication (X2) simultaneously influence the quality of employee’s service (Y) at the office of Gorontalo City by 0.757. This means thar the quality of service provided by the employees is largely determined by the clarity of organizational communication at the sub-district office and that the effectiveness of the communication such as the information of sub-district programs to the community. In addition, internal communication (X1) partially influences the quality of service provided by the employee (Y) at the office of Gorontalo City by 0.662. Internal communication will be able to influence the quality of service if ideas are exchanged horizontally and vertically within the organization that directly causes the jobs and tasks to be regulated and well controlled Meanwhile, the external communication (X2) partially influences the quality of employee’s service (Y) by 0.215 (21.5%). This external organizational communication is the communication among the leader,employees and community in which the organizational programs are clearly articulated and communicated with the community to gain their support as service users. Key words: Organizational communication, quality of service, communication, respondents, influence, articulated
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