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Attainment of the educational purposes is an effort to develop all human resource potential. One of the efforts to develop human potential through education is the implementation of functional literacy education program. Functional literacy is a program that aims to eradicate illiteracy for some people who still do not have the ability in reading, writing, numeracy and communication, because the ability of reading, writing and numeracy have become one variable of four indicators to determine Human Development Index Indeks Pembangunan Manusia) in a country or region. Therefore, Gorontalo as the youngest province in Indonesia in the human resource development, inceptively improving the quality of human resource through education, one of them is the functional literacy-learning program. One of the targets in literacy program through functional literacy-learning program is a Balinese community who lives in Gorontalo. Balinese community who lives in Gorontalo, mainly located in transmigration area who still strongly and steadily holding the ancestral tradition in their daily life. The power of tradition that comes from Hinduism values becomes a strong base in developing the value of meaningfulness in functional literacy learning. This study aimed to develop functional literacy learning model with cultural value oriented in order to improve the working life of Balinese community. Therefore, in this study, there used research and development procedure. In the research process, there used qualitative and quantitative approach, where the qualitative approach used to describe the cultural value of Balinese community and the objectives of the learning process and qualitative approach were used to see the effectiveness of the model that has been developed. The analysis used was one shot case pre-experimental design on the first and second est, while on the wider test, there used static test comparative design.The result of the implementation of the developed model showed that functional literacy learning with cultural value oriented based on Trihita Karana values was able to establish the value of the meaningfulness learning itself. The meaningfulness value of the learning reflected in the form of people’s “selfawareness” when contributing in every learning process. The effectiveness of the developed model also reflected from the result of learning evaluation that can improve functional literacy competencies in a better way compared with the group that did not receive the treatment. Functional literacy learning process with cultural value oriented have been proved able to improve the working life in which reflected in the increased of work ethic, economic life, social life, and cultural life
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