Faizal Kasim
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The Gorontalo's biodiversity is well known through several iconic of mammals and birds of world conservation value. The present study aimed to revise a species list of true mangroves in easternmost coast of North Gorontalo Regency. An indexing of diversity and status IUCN red list for conservation was taken into account. Also structural complexity of habitat feature on each site was discussed at spatial interval measurement among site. The result showed that there were 19 species belonging to 9 genera within 7 families of true mangrove in easternmost coast. The known true mangrove, Rhizophoraceae, was the richest in taxa at both genus and species level. Two species found which considered globally important, i.e. Aegiceras floridum Roem. & Schult (locally named as Tongge) and Ceriops decandra (Griff.) Ding Hou (locally called as Posi-posi). Other than both were true mangroves species enlisted least concerned globally. However, since Heritiera littoralis Aiton (locally referred and named as Kayu tin) was the rarest species (only found 2 trees of 1 site), it then considered critically important endangered species locally. In the context of habitat structural-diversity relationship, the distinctive feature which may comparatively measurable were duration-depended tidal range, types of freshwater supply, land cover change, mangrove formation, interval level of spatial distribution scale. In current case, sampling method applied was the additional for structural complexity of mangrove diversity. Those are a comparatively features of diversity's measure was be taken into analysis among each site or other region outside North Gorontalo.
AACL Bioflux, 2017, Volume 10, Issue 6. pp: 1445-1455
Faizal Kasim, Sitti Nursinar, Citra Panigoro, Zulkifli Karim, Aldin Lamalango
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