Intan Noviantari Manyoe
- Teknik
Gorontalo Province development target focused for transportation network efficiency. This development planned to be completed in 2019 but there is a problem caused by landslides. One of the solution for this is landslide problem is to identified the landslide type and identified the landslide failure plane. This study aims to reconstruct the landslide and to identify the the failure plane at GORR (Gorontalo Outer Ring Road) using field geological method and stereography analysis. Geological methods used to interpret lithological data, geomorphological, and geological structures data, especially the discontinuity planes in the research area. The studio analysis consists of processing and interpreting discontinuity data to reconstruct types of landslides in the study area. The results showed that the geomorphic unit of the research area is a denudational hills which is composed of limestone reef formation. The measurement of geological structures reveals that the direction of the main stress regime is relatively east-west with dip direction relative to the South. The position of the failure plane is N 126oE / 21o SW. The result of this type of landslide indicates plane failure type with sliding movement. One way of countermeasures prevention can be doing by dredging the avalanche material and making the landslide prevention wall along the landslide. Keywords: Reconstruction, Landslide, Stereographic, Plane Failure
Jurnal Geomine
Intan Noviantari Manyoe, Fauzul Chaidir A. Usman, Reski Fauzi Duwingik, Della Nawarita Kasim
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