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Study on the occurrence of Pseudomonas sp associated with grouper fish (Plectropoma leopardus)was done. The research aimed to know the occurance of Pseudomonas sp in fpresh grouper fish (P.leopardus) fillets chilled in ice. The fish samples were taken form grouper fish farm located at Bone Pante village (separated into two sampling area A and II). The result showed that both of total palte count (TPC) and total Pseudomonas (TP) of grouper fish fillet were lower in samples taken from sampling area I tah those taken from sampling area II. The TPC of sample from sampling area I ranged between 2.1x104 CFU/g to 2.8x104 CFU/g, from sampling area II ranged between 1.9x104 CFU/g to 5.2 x104 CFU/g. Total Pseudomonas sp of sample from sampling area I ranged between 1.8 x103 CFU/g to 4.4x103 CFU/g, from sampling area II, it ranged between 8.0 x102 CFU/g to 3.7x103 CFU/g. The number of TPC and TP varied among samples and the number was lower than the required number as suggested by Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI) for the quality of microbiological of frozen prouper fish. Using the Bergey�s manual of Microbiological Identification, the isolated strain were identified as Pseudomonas caryophylli (6.9%), P.fluorescens (11%), P.delafiedii (23.6%) and P.aeruginosa (12.5%). They have physiological characteristic as follows: grow well at temperature bedween 0-37oC with optimum temperature for growth at 37oC; pH range bedween 4-9, with optimum pH of 7, tolerate salinity with NaCl concentration bedween 3-8%. P.caryophylli isolated from grouper fish fillet demonstrated 13- haemolysis and 1-haemolysis for P.aeruginosa. P.caryophylli and P.fluorecens were agglutinase positive. In general, samples taken from farm at sampling area I were better as compared to that of sampling are II. Sensory values from sampling area I were 24.9 with averages value of more than 8.5 from sampling area II, the value were between 21-23.06 with averages sensory of less than 7.6. Key words: Pseudomonas, Grouper Fish Fillets, Bone Pante
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