Fitryane Lihawa
- Sains
The research aimed to investigate the distribution of spatial aspect of landslide at ALO Watershed of Gorontalo Province and provide it through form of landslide distribution maps at scale of 1 : 50.000. Research site involved all areas of ALO Watershed in Gorontalo Province as having an area of 7,588 Ha. Research sampling was conducted through accidental sampling as exploring all areas across the region prone to landslides at ALO Watershed in order to invent potential spot of landslide occurence. Regarding to the discussion and landslide distribution, it was conducted an observation and measurement toward landslide which was occured to all areas of ALO Watershed amounted 15 spots of landslide occurance. Type of landslide was determined by the measurement and observation of landslide morphometry toward classification index and analysis result. Then it was distributed into the map of landslide distribution at scale of 1 : 50.000 in order to acknowledge the spatial distribution of landslide occurence at ALO Watershed in Gorontalo Province. Based on the morphometry analysis and classification index of landslide, they showed that landslide type was rotational slide, planar slide, slide flow, and rock block slide. Landslide occurence of ALO Watershed in Gorontalo Province has been spread in areas with steep slope and very steep slopes by having convex surface shape and tend to be straight. It also occures to the area of clay texture and silted loam, and types of volcanic and igneous rocks which contained high silica and encountering weathering. Regarding to the administration area, landslide occurence is spread to the subdistrict of Tibawa, subdistrict of Pulubala, and subdistrict of Isimu Utara. Keywords: Map, Vulnerability Zone, Landslide, DAS ALO
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Dr. Fitryane Lihawa, M.Si
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