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The purposes of this research are; (i) to know the existence of female leader in the society perspective of Gorontalo list; (i) to know the opportunity of female for being the region leader based on the Gorontalo list. Custom, (iii) to know the working achievement of female faced Gorontalo list’s culture implementation. In this research the researcher collected data from three figures as the representation functionary customs figure of duluwo limo lopohalaa, and two figures as the former region leaders (district leaders). Gorontalist’s custom is based on the religion, and the religion is based and holy book (Islamic’s holy book). “Adat bersendikan Sara, sara bersendikan kitabbulah,” is being focused in research. This research discussed the header ship of female based on Gorontalist’s custom perspective which can not be separated from the Islamic vision of female leader. There fore the discussion of female leadership problem uses religion approach and Gorontalist’s custom approach. The data is analyzed by descriptive and qualitative. According to interview result found that, (i) to be allowed the female being the region leader is needed more discussion. There is the differences of the opinions that be strong argumentation, in this case, cither the Gorontalist’s custom or the religion, the base of both is Islamic, (ii) Nomination of femaleas the leader can be done. There is no strong interdiction in the Gorontalist’s custom and the Islamic side that interdict female being the government leader, (iii) The custom doesn’t influence to the female leaders of Gorontalo. Key words; gender and performance.
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