Mohamad Ikbal Bahua
- Pertanian
Abstract The purpose of this study are: (1) identify the influence of competence that can improve the performance of agricultural extension in the development of maize farming in the province of Gorontalo, (2) examine the influence of competence and performance of agricultural extension on the behavior of corn farmers in the province of Gorontalo and (3) study the impact of extension performance agriculture corn farmers on changing behaviors in Gorontalo. Research conducted in Gorontalo Province in February-April 2010. The study was "ex post facto," The smallest unit of observation is the agricultural extension numbering 118 persons. Data collected through interviews using a questionnaire. Data were analyzed using LISREL 8.30 SEM program. Results showed the influence of competence on the performance of agricultural extension is influenced by the dimensions of counseling and leadership ability to plan extension. Variable competence of extension agents indirect influence on corn farmers' behavior changes, while the performance of agricultural extension through the dimensions of quality of appreciation of cultural diversity and quality of management information direct impact on farmer behavior with the influence coefficient of 0.83 unit. Impact of agricultural extension agent performance impact on changing behaviors through a dimension of competence corn farmers and farmers with farmer participation coefficient of determination (R2) equal to 69 percent. Keyword: Competence, performance, behavior farmer, extension agriculture
Jurnal Agribisnis Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Ageng Tirtajasa Banten Jawa Barat
Mohamad Ikbal Bahua
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