Hartono Hadjarati
- Olahraga
Langga martial arts is a martial art method which was created in order to defend themselves from dangers that would threaten the safety and survival of the community. Besides martial arts is one of the community's identity and develop in accordance with the customs environment and character of local communities. Martial langga there should be a positive support from the community Gorontola to the preservation, promotion and development. Because according to preliminary observations made at this time martial langga already very concern because it was on the verge of extinction. The existence of martial langga difficult identified in terms of shape, viewed from the component implementation, martial langga have effective movement, heroic, and while there is some sort of ritual implementation is done. It is difficult where martial langga could stand as a form intact and clear. This study aims to standardize the elements of martial langga basic motion, in order to know more about how to form the basis of martial langga motion.The process of standardizing basic elements of martial arts motion langga actually to facilitate the development of martial langga, it is done so that the traditional martial langga are still evolving and no longer only known in Gorontalo, will also be very helpful in disseminating martial langga civic as well as in publications to the national level, so it may be Just a moment because obviously form the basis of martial langga motion will be a lot of interest and easily learned by society. Keywords: Standardization, Martial, Langga Gorontalo
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