Lis M. Yapanto
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The aim of this study was to assess the level of public awareness on the important of the coral reefs preservation in Biak Numfor, Province Papua, Indonesia. The study employed descriptive qualitative research method. Data collection techniques were using questionnaires and interviews as well as documents. The result of this study showed that the level of public awareness on the coral reefs preservation as follows: (1) in the district of Oridek with a population of 4,665 people, there are 52% aware of the necessity to regulate the management of marine resources corals; (2) in district Amaindo (population of 2,209 people) the level of awareness was high with a total 18% concern that the need for regulation management of marine resources and Padaido counties with a population of 1,707 inhabitants that have high levels of awareness about the need to regulate the management of marine resource utilization by 15%, as well as in districts Biak East with a population of 6,698 inhabitants that has a level of consciousness should be setting the management of marine resources especially coral reefs by 15%. In terms of public knowledge about the things that destroy coral reefs for Aimando region has the highest percentage, namely 50% of people already know all that can damage coral reefs. While at the district level Aimando people to things that can damage coral reefs by 21%, then the district Padaido is about 16%, in East Biak district-level people’s knowledge to cause damage to coral reefs by 13%. Oridek people in the region have a high level of awareness. With Coremap program impacts most notably the increased well-being of coastal communities. In order to maintain the balance and preservation of coral reefs need to pass a law governing regulation. Coremap existence needs to be continued in order to preserve the existence of coral reef ecosystems to sustain life aquatic biota. Key words : Public Awareness, Coral Reefs, Preservation, Papua, Indonesia
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