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The purpose of this service activities are: 1) To provide assistance for elementary classroom teachers in preparing and developing teaching tools; 2) In order to reflect the experience of learning for elementary classroom teachers through Lesson study. Preparation of training activities for the development of the learning elementary classroom teachers integrate theoretical and practical approach. Theoretical concepts in terms of didactic and methodical in applied learning based on scientific assessments, while the application is done practically in the field. This activity is carried out by using the application of science and technology training methods, based lesson study in order to improve the professionalism of teachers. The interesting thing is encountered when devotion to the activities of the Plan, the majority of teachers had difficulty in defining indicators of learning. They have a perception that for elementary school students learning indicators to formulate enough cognitive level C3 (application). In addition, they argue C1 is cognitive, affective domain C2 and C3 psychomotor. When DO and SEE, we both learned that the division of the group for 1st grade and fourth grade consisting of 6 people / groups were not effective in the implementation of learning. Better for class I SD, maximum 2 persons / groups and for the fourth grade, a maximum of 4 people / group. In designing the study, should be considered a tool / media that is given to each child as a foundation in the mastery of learning materials. Keywords: Lesson study, learning devices, elementary school
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