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Trans Sulawesi road between Isimu - Paguyaman are increasing in traffic. This path connected the province of North Sulawesi – Gorontalo – Central Sulawesi – South Sulawesi. When Gorontalo became a province, then the frequency of traffic is also increasing. As the economic of the region is boosting, vehicle ownership also increased. Road infrastructure are burdened by high traffic volumes and caused declined quality of the road. The indicator of its damage can be seen from the road surface conditions, both structural and functional. A study of road surface conditions and other road sections is necessary to know the condition of the damaged road surface. This research uses Pavement Condition Index method (PCI) in which standard of U.S Army Corp of Engineer. Location of research is on the road of Isimu - Paguyaman between the Km 44 - 54. The results showed that there were 15 types of damages that occurred on roads that were surveyed. Type of damage is alligator cracking, bleeding, block cracking, bump and sags, depression, edge cracking, lane/shoulder drop off, long and transverse cracking, patching and utility cut patch, polished aggregate, potholes, rutting, shoving, slippage cracking, and weathering and raveling. PCI average value of road of Isimu – Paguyaman is 64 with good conditions. The dominant damage were lane/shoulder drop off 4.809,25 m (10,69%), and weathering and raveling 4.341,34 m2 (9,65%). The main average point of PCI is 64 rating good.
ITS, Surabaya
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