Mohamad Adam Mustapa
- Sains
The village tilote a crab habitat that has the potential to be developed, the current utilization is not optimal, because the catch crabs only sold in the market in a fresh condition or in a display on the lake Limboto and economic value cost. To be able increase the sale value the fresh crab need for technological development of the fresh crab and crab processing performed diverse into a high value product, eg the fresh crab made preparations in the form of healthy products ready to eat foods that contain high nutritional value and serves as a source of food that has nutrients that are needed in the period of growth, as well as help prevent the occurrence osteoporosis in adults because of the content of calcium and phosphorus from the crab. Crab very high protein content helpful as forming enzymes, organ and muscle cell formation, forming the hormone, repair damaged cells, regulating metabolism, and supports the immune system.Objectives in the program kkn-ppm potential to improve the local economy through the technologists ipengembangan the processed products from healthy crabs lake limboto Shape program implemented is a program to preserve Lake Limboto and fishery product processing and packaging program, as well as marketing programs, the program carried out by the students as needed. The method used is the technique of group learning with practice work together to develop fisheries products that have been packed properly according to standard quality and the weakness of the later so that the resulting product quality and competitiveness, as well as marketing the more massive to introduce a broader civic, addition of at it obtained the market potential in a sustainable manner in the program group of fishermen Keyword : economic improvement of society, Lake Limboto, processed products, The Crab
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