Wawan Pembengo
- Pertanian
This research aimed at investigating the influence of plant spacing and liquid organic fertilizer giving on growth and production of tomato. This research was conducted in Tambo’o village, sub distrthct of Tilongkabila, district of Bone Bolango, on march to june 2016. This research used Random Group Design (RAK), consists of two factorials. The first factor is plant spacing with two treatments; 60cm x 50cm and 60cm x 80 cm. the second factor is liquid organic fertilizer with four treatments; control, 15 L/ha, and 25 L/haand repeated three times till it had 24 units of trial. The data analysis used analysis of variance (ANOVA) on BNT 5% degree. The observed parameters are the height of plant, the amount of petiole, the presentation of flowering, weight of fruit per sample, weight of fruit per swath. The result of the research showed that the treatment of plant spacing 60cm x 80cm significantly influenced on the height of 8 MST with the average for 97,96 cm, while the plant spacing 60cm x 50cm gave the influence tho the tomato. The liquid organic fertilizer of Marolis with 25 L/ha doses (M3) influenced significantly to the height of plant, the amount of petiole, the presentation of of flowering, weight of fruit per sample, and weight of fruit per swath. There is and interaction between plant spacing and the liquid organic fertilizer giving of Marolis on the tomato plant. Keywords: Plant Spacing, Liquid Organic Fertilizer, Tomato Plant
Jurnal Agroteknotropika Vol 6 No. 2 Agustus 2017
Srianti Tongkingoto, Mohamad Ikbal Bahua, Wawan Pembengo
Tipe Material
ISSN 2252-3774
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