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The purpose of this study is to know how the influence of soil processing and organic mulch grabs on the growth and yield of patchouli plants. The research was conducted in Talango Village Kabila District of Bone Bolango Regency in April until September 2016. This research uses two factors of minimum, maximum and mulch straw mulch processing, Imperata grass, and then using Split Plot method For randomization and arrangement procedure The location is as follows: Place the experiment divided into blocks, the number of blocks = the number of replications. The block division is in accordance with the principle of local control each block is divided into a main plot (PU). The amount of PU in each block is the same as the type of tillage. The application of treatment into PU is done randomly, and coded according to the treatment given. In this case the type of soil processing is given the code of the letter P (P1 = Minimum, P2 = Maximum and organic mulch is given code W (W1 = rice straw, W2 = Imperata, W3 = Wood husk). / Plot and mulch organic grass 12 kg / plot Observation parameters include plant height, leaf number, wet weight of cropping and dry weight of crops Analysis of data using sova-ragam (ANOVA) with 5% BNT Test. Keywords: Organic Mulse, Legowo, Patchouli.
Jurnal Agroteknotropika Vol 7 No 3 Desember 2018
Suyatno Hartono, Wawan Pembengo, Yunnita Rahim
Tipe Material
ISSN 2252-3774
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