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The research aims to investigate the growth and yields of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.) through the level of an interval watering and to obtain the best interval watering for growth and yields of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.) The research was conducted in Tomulabutao Village, Dungingi Kota Tengah Sub-district, Gorontalo City, started from June to August 2017. The research applies Completely Randomiized Design comprising 5 treatments and 7 repetitions.Thus, there are 35 units of experiment. 0-harvest is given water every day based on field capacity until harvest with 500 mL water, 0-30 HST ( Hari Setelah Tanam or Day After Planted) + 1 week for unce until harvest is 500 mL water, 0-30 HST + 2 weeks for once until harvest is 500 mL water, 0-20 HST + 1 week for once with 500 mL water, 0-20 HST + 2 week for 500 mL. Research finding shows that interval watering treatment has significant influence on days to flowering, number of fruit, the weight of fruit and length of fruit. However, it does not influence the height of the plant, number of leaves, large of leaf, weight of leaf tip, number of leaf stomata and wet weight of root. Then, interval watering treatment for 500 mL (field capacity) 0-20 HST + 1 watering for 500 mL for every day has a better influence on number of fruits and weight of fruit, whereas 500 mL 0-30 HST + 2 weeks until harvest is found as one that gives a better influence on length of fruit. Keywords: Interval Watering, Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L).
Jurnal Agroteknotropika Vol 8 No 1 April 2019
Nurlila A. Tuli, Indriati Husain, Wawan Pembengo
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ISSN 2252-3774
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