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The school principal is a strategic position key to developing school innovation. One of the main competencies that is an important requirement of a successful principal is entrepreneurship competence. Therefore, school principals should have good entrepreneurship competence to manage production units in developing school income generation. The objectives of the research are (1) to identify and analyse the entrepreneurship competence of school principals, and (2) find and identify strengths and challenges encountered by school principals in obtaining entrepreneurship competence. The research applies mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative). The research participants include all 41 principals of public vocational high schools in Gorontalo Province. The collected data highlights the entrepreneurship competence of school principals. This is comprised of (a) potential creativity, (b) instinctive entrepreneurship, (c) work motivation, (d) solution orientedness, and (e) hard work. The data also highlights (2) strengths and challenges encountered by school principals in managing production units. Questionnaires, interviews, and document analysis are applied in the data collection. The research findings show that school principals (a) have potential creativity, (b) have instinctive creativity, (c) have work motivation, (d) have problem-solving skills, (e) work hard. They also show their strengths are (a) productive teacher involvement, and (b) government commitment to facilitate funds and facilities. Their challenges are (a) unavailable human resources for production units, (b) less impact on pro-community education policy, (c) limited financial support, (d) non-continuous programs, (e) limited land, and (e) marketing. Key words: Entrepreneurship competence, Income generating, Production units.
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