Wawan Pembengo
- Pertanian
This research aims to understand the influence of land management and the variation of mulch as wel as the interaction between the two against growth and crop yield plant green mustard. Locations in the village of Hulawa Sub District Telaga District Gorontalo and began in November until December 2013. research designed using random block design in factorials with 2 factor namely of land management and the provision of mulch. The first factor of land management consists of 2 levels treatment namely : P0 = without the ground and P1 = a hoe. The second factor granting mulch consists of 3 levels treatment namely M0 = without mulching, M1 = mulch rice straw, and M2 = mulch reeds. Any rematch treatment in as many as three times so that there are 18 treatment experiment. Broad swath experiment namely 2 x 2 meters. Parameter observation covering the ratio the amount of dominance, tall plant, number of leaves and heavy wet. The results showed that treatment of land management influential real on the parameter high number of plants and leaves and no effect on parameter a heavy wetness. Treatment of land management with a hoe affecting increasing tall plant 15,93 cm and number of leaves 3 worth 8,31 strands. Granting mulch treatment will not affect all parameters growth and crop yield green mustard. The interaction of treatment will not affect all parameter growth and crop yield green mustard.
Jurnal Agroteknotropika Vol 3 No. 3 Desember 2014
Ahkam Pou, Nikmh Musa, Wawan Pembengo
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ISSN 2252-3774
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