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ABSTRACT Coal is a combustible sedimentary rock (burn) which is composed of the results of the former plant litifikasi dead. This study aims to determine the provenance of Quaternary coal (coal facies). Methods of research used an approach that combines qualitative and quantitative research. The research method applied is the inductive method, by combining the results of literature review, previous research, field data, as well as the overall results of laboratory studies comprehensively reviewed and synthesized. Methods for defining comprehensive research conclusions about the characteristics of the coal seam deployment model Inamo Quaternary Regional geological mapping based on the results of surveys and drilling (stratigraphic correlations). In addition, knowing the rank based on reflectance of vitrinite coal and maceral variations related to the determination of provenance coal coal facies Quaternary. Stratigraphic aspects of the analysis results of coal refers to the data dissemination pattern 26 drill point is that the data combined with geographic coordinates and elevation from the GPS measurements can be made a map of the spread of coal and three dimensions. Based on coal distribution map in three dimensions the pattern of spread horizontally coal are on the three coal basin depositional basin in the west, east and north. This condition makes it clear that coal in the local study sites spread is not constant. Petrographic analysis of the results of maceral composition variation of five (5) samples based on petrographic analysis results nearly as composed maceral desmocollinite, densite, corpogelinite, resinite, suberinite, semifusinite, sclerotinite, inertodetrinite and mineral matter (pyrite and clay). With the variation of the obtained values maceral TPI (Tissue Preservation Index), GI (Gelification Index), VI (Vegetation Index) and GWI (Ground Water Index) obtained results that clump-forming swamp forest vegetation (forest Swamps), limnic depositional environment (Inundated Marsh) and for food supplies swamp rheotrophic.Hasil proximate analysis, sulfur content and calorific value of coal is needed to compare with Klasaman Inamo to support the data of geology, stratigraphy and petrography. Conclusions of the study indicate coal Inamo not from Formation Klasaman that strengthens the field geological data and petrography. Keywords : Provenance, Quaternary, Petrographic, Proximate, Inamo
E-Journal Pascasarjana Universitas Hasanuddin Makassar
Aang Panji Permana, A.M.Imran, Sri Widodo
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