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Kappaphycus alvarezii seaweed as an important commodity in Gorontalo Province add elasticity and nutrient to traditional ilabulo food whose raw material catfish (Pangasius sp.). The research aimed to obtain characteristics of the sensory hedonic quality and physical gel strength due to fortification of K. alvarezii seaweed and catfish bone. The research method was added K. alvarezii 5% (A), 10% (B) and 15% (C)) and 10% (A), 15% (B) and 20% (C) of catfish bone. Organoleptic test was used hedonic quality scale based on SNI 01-2346-2006 parameters of appearance, color texture, flavor and taste. Physical analysis was used TAXT2i texture analyzer. The data analysis of hedonic quality sensory was used non-parametric statistics Kruskal Wallis and if significantly affected continued with Duncan test and physical analyzed was used descriptive. The Results of hedonic quality was obtained that ilabulo of selected catfish formula is formulation C fortification of K.alvarezii 15% seaweed and 20% fish bone flour, exposure of whole criteria, neat, flat surface, average thickness (7,33), texture of chewy, compact, solid (6.87) and a rather clear brown criteria of color (7.07). However, the flavor criteria (7.4) and the taste with the fish flavoring criteria (7.47) were founded in the B fortification of K. alvarezii 10% and 15% catfish bone. The results showed that the physical texture of ilabulo catfish fortification with seaweed K.alvarezii and catfish bone is average 2149.3/gf and without fortification is an average of 1927 / gf. Keyword : fortification, catfish bone, ilabulo catfish, , Kappaphycus alvarezii, physic,
The 4th Internasional Marine And Fishery Simposium
The 4th Internasional Marine And Fishery Simposium
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