Kalih Trumansyahjaya
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Since becoming a province, Gorontalo has the potential to compete with other provinces that have long been established in the field of natural tourism. Gorontalo City has one location that is suitable as a tourist attraction, which is in the area of "Tanjung Kramat". "Tanjung Kramat" is one of the villages that has beautiful natural potential, but the facilities available in the "Tanjung Kramat" area are very minimal and there are no adequate supporting facilities. This region is expected to be a supporting facility for the existence of coastal tourism that not only witnesses the beauty of hilly areas that have not been contaminated by pollution, but also can utilize various other facilities. The method used is descriptive method, by outlining primary and secondary data, problems and existing theories, then analyzed and carried out an approach to the final results of the analysis that is the basis for the preparation of program planning. This tourism area development planning places more emphasis on the concept of design, analysis that helps development projects, mass order placement, circulation, interior parts, structures and building materials to the landscape or exterior, which will be applied to the "Tanjung Kramat" Tourism Area Development Plan in Gorontalo.
Institute of Advanced Scientific Research
Kalih Trumansyahjaya and Abdi Gunawan Djafar
Tipe Material
Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems
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