Rauf A. Hatu
- Ilmu Sosial
Background: This study describes the illegal gold mining activities are carried out by the people of Gorontalo province Tulabollo influence on social and cultural life of society, collection of data and direct observation will be undertaken to the public shows that major changes in the order of a society, from agriculture to mining. Methodology: The study used model analysis approach Spradley which is to draw up a substantive theory or research propositions with a leader miner. Results: This change occurred in the pattern of life which many people switch professions from a farmer gold miners, changes in the socio-economic conditions of society with more and more children to school up to college, the construction of mosques, roads and houses are livable. Similarly, the deployment pattern that always resided in groups by region of origin makes mining location to be convenient to be used as a place for living. Orientation in these studies were formulated to explore the views of the community as key informants and informant research. Conclusion: The authors argue that their illegal gold mining managed to change the behavior of the population such as the deployment location of dwellings into groups for mutual help in keeping their communities and provide social life changes such as changes in lifestyle that is getting better. Also expected population in conducting mining activities in order to better maintain the environmental balance to be damaged and cause adverse effects on the health of surrounding communities. Key words: Gold miners, socio economie, illegal mining, spradly
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