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The asynchronous is occurring toward the rules of adult for marriage according to law. In several laws which are applicable in Indonesia, the definition of a child and the definition of an adult according to the law are different. This article aims to analyze the distinction legal rules regarding to adult age limits in marriage. The laws which legislate the age limit of adult are the Civil Laws, Law number 16 year 2019 on amendment Law no. 1 year 1974 on Marriage, Law no. 35 year 2014 on amendment of Law no. 23 year 2002 on The Child Protection, The Compilation of Islamic Law (KHI), Law no. 30 year 2004 on Position of Notary Public, Law no. 39 year 1999 on Human Rights (HAM), Law no. 11 year 2012 on Criminal Justice System of Children, Law no. 13 year 2003 on Employment. The method used in this study is a qualitative method with a juridical approach. The definitions of children listed in the Act have various definitions. The Marriage Law allows the implementation of marriages at the age of 19 for men and women. According to the Civil Laws, adults are 21 years old. It is important to synchronize different rules regarding the definition of children. All laws that regulate the definition of children (child category) must be similar to other legal rules so that it will not cause multiple interpretations of the law. Keywords: Adult Age Limit, Legal Studies, Implementation of The Law.
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