Syahrizal Koem
- Sains
Limboto Lake is a natural lake located in Gorontalo Province. The condition of the lake is increasingly critical due to environmental damage and slowly loses its function. This study used Landsat 8 OLI imagery and rainfall data in the period of January 2015 to December 2016. The spatio-temporal map of the inundation area of Limboto Lake was obtained through automatic extraction method of water features with water index formula using GIS and Remote Sensing software. Analysis results based on Landsat 8 OLI image data showed that there was a large fluctuation in Limboto Lake inundation area during the study period. The largest inundation area is 4,043 ha and the smallest is 1,440 ha. This shows that the area of Limboto Lake inundation area can widen and shrink by almost 3 times. The results of analysis of rainfall data showed that large fluctuation in the Limboto Lake inundation area has a moderate correlation with the amount of rainfall that occurs. Rainfall which is the source of surface runoff and filling the Limboto Lake basin no longer has a major influence on the fluctuation of the Limboto Lake inundation area, only by 35%, there is an accumulation of other factors by 65% which is the cause the condition of large fluctuations in the Limboto Lake inundation area.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Sunarty Eraku, Noviar Akase, Syahrizal Koem
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