Arifin Tahir
- Ekonomi
Abstract The aim of this experiment was to determine the impact of Azotobacter chroococcum and liqu id organic fertilizer to the cocoa, and to get the amount of nutrient adsorption of N and P. We use a randomized group design (RGD) are arranged in two factorial s with three replications. The first factor is the Azotobacter chroococcum, with concentrations of 0 CFU, 10x106CFU, 20x106CFU, 40x106CFU and the second factor is a liquid organic fertilizer with a concentration of 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%. As a result, both of Azotobac ter chroococcum and liquid organic fertilizer are very significant to the cocoa on nutri ents N and P in the leaves and also in the soils. The concentration of treatment 40 x 106 CFU and 30% liquid organic fertilizer produced the highest yield of the nutrients N and P in the leaves. Furthermore, the nutrient N in the soil were the highest conc entration of 40 x 106 CFU to produce the two treatments and liquid organic fertilizer 20%, 40 x 106 CFU and liquid organic fertilizer 30%. In addition, observation of N and P in the soil showed the hi ghest result is the concentration of treatment combinati ons 30 x 106 CFU and liquid organic fertilizer 30%.Futhermore, the effectiveness of N and P adsorption is the highest in the treatment with Azotobacter chroccocum concentration of 40 x 106 CFU and fertilizers 30% orga nic liquid. Keywords Nutrient N and P, Azotobacter chrooco ccum, liquid organic fertilizer, cocoa
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