Hanisah Hanafi
- Bahasa
One point of view from language acquisition is how children get their language for the first time. This stage has a unique process before having a complete language. It can be seen from the words produced, which are different from adults. A two-year-old little girl shows the uniqueness of acquiring language. The child lives with her parents and her extended families who are multilingual of Bahasa Indonesia, Gorontalo, Gorontalo dialect, and English. By these differences, the cultural and language impact cannot be avoided by them. The first language acquisition mastered by the little girl came from the parents and the environment. The data was collected by surveying the girl every day, communicating with her, and recording conversation took place. The sentences that she spoke were mixing some languages in daily communication as if the words come from one language. The sentences were adjusted to whom she was speaking. When talking to her mother, she spoke in English, but then she changed the language into Bahasa Indonesia when talking to her father; she once again changed the use of language when talking to her friends or other family members by mixing up all languages she knew. Aline learned language based on behaviorist reinforcement principles by associating words with meaning around her. She knew how the words work by changing the language to whom she spoke to. Aline spoke by stringing words from several languages, which seems to originate from only one language.
Atlantis Press
Proceedings of the International Conference on Community Development (ICCD 2020)
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