Abdul Hamid Isa
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Abstract Life skill education training is an important program as it can provide opportunity for society to develop their potency. Then, urgency of society empowerment as target of non-formal education effort is expected to be able to provide development space for productive business of society as alternative of solving encountered problems and it is implementation of self-business of coastal society and or fisherman society. Problem statement of this research is whether or not an effective life skill training can improve coastal society self-business. This research aims to (1) investigate objective condition of life skill education in coastal society environment, (2) investigate implementation of life skill training in improving self-business of coastal society, and (3) investigate effectiveness of life skill training in improving self-business of coastal society. This is a research and development type which means that it is a strategy to improve quality of education and answer particular questions on practical issues through ‘applied research’ which is used in improving educational practices. The research is located in Village of Bongo, Sub-district of Batudaa Pantai, District of Gorontalo, Gorontalo Province and the subject is 30 people. Data of the research are collected through observation, documentation study and interview. Assessment activity is conducted by doing pretest and posttest and it is continued by comparing them entirely with participants’ work in the field. The data are analyzed qualitatively which is supported by quantitative data. Thus, measuring result of pre-test and post-test is also with both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Research findings reveal that (1) objective condition of life skill education for in coastal society environment is not yet planned based on educational format which applies model and stages in the implementation of education and training, (2) appropriateness of implementation of life skill training is commonly tested through techniques of: model quality analysis, expert assessment and field testing, and (3) the developed life skill training based on both qualitative and quantitative analysis is effective in improving self-business of society. Result of analysis reveals that life skill training containing four indicators namely personal, social, academic and vocational skill give observed influence in form of improvement of self-business of coastal society. Keywords: Life Skill Training, Self-Business
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