Abdul Hamid Isa
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ABSTRACT Prevention is needed for parents to prevent children from stunting. The Ministry of Education and Culture produces teaching materials for care for the First 1,000 Days of Life, provides care classes for pregnant women and mothers with children aged 0-24 months, and socializes care for the First 1,000 Days of Life in 100 districts / cities in Indonesia. Efforts to improve the nutritional status of the community, including reducing the prevalence of stunting, are one of the national development priorities listed in the main targets of the Development Plan. Monitoring the growth of children under five is one of the efforts carried out as an early detection of stunting. The aim of this service is to increase knowledge and skills about early detection of stunting through monitoring the growth of children under five. The method used in this service includes several stages, namely the lecture method, FGD (Focus Group Discussion), and the practice of making growth mats as a means of monitoring toddler growth in early detection of stunting. Regarding the socialization of the Family Education program to prevent stunting, several parties must be involved. The socialization invites village heads, PKK activists, and PAUD institutions which are used as a place for socialization to parents. The implementation of the socialization invites the community, who moves the head of the PKK activator. There is one class for pregnant women, one class for parents who have children aged 1 year, and another class for parents who have children aged 2 years. KEYWORDS: Keywords: toddler growth monitoring, stunting
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