Roni Lukum
- Ilmu Sosial
In order to realize the democratization process in Indonesia began from government measures to make the arrangement of the system on which to base the implementation of democracy. Among the highly desirable from the discourse of democracy can be seen from the heat of state recruitment system, recruitment systems as stipulated by our constitution before it was amended with the sistem of recruitment by the highes state institution. At that time given the authority to appoint and a head of state is an agency of the assembly, in other words the state elections held with representation system that does not involve the entire people of indonesia, in case we know that paremeters of the implementation of democracy is people′s involvement in decision – making or policy, especially in terms of determining the head of state. With the idels of democracy then there is a change in the mechanism of state elections that start from a variety of rules changes , especially constitusional law as the supreme legal basis in our country are experiencing a change with the amandement that provides grounding in the implementation of direct local electio0ns . it is set in article of the Constitution of 1945 artcle 1, article 4, section 5 paragraph (2) and Article 18 B Paragraph (1).
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