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Tough challenges faced by the National Construction associated with the prevailing policy of autonomy in Indonesia. This is a market opportunity to increase competition in the construction industry every region in Indonesia. Limited opportunities should be utilized by any industry construction services to quickly change the orientation of the market share that has the potential to be superior in construction. That is expected to establish a conducive climate and construction services backed by a solid business structure, professional and very competitive to provide the high quality of the construction work. Consequences that change the orientation of the National Construction Company should endeavor to prepare the company's resource advantages in order to win the competition in a climate of regional autonomy in Indonesia. The research will be concentrated in local government or district in Indonesia in implementing regional autonomy, and also, concentrate on the potential of natural resources are owned by their respective areas in parts of Indonesia. The results of this study provide input and information for the national construction industry, central and local government to further enhance the professionalism that is accompanied by growing environmental awareness that the whole culture will instruct on creating a peaceful working environment to be able to play a greater role in national development. In addition, in order to provide efficiency in achieving market share and level of competition in the construction industry in the area by conducting strategic steps in determining market objectives, marketing, compliance and human resources and perform skills in the procurement of construction services industry. Keywords:Strategy, Service, Industries Construction
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