Arfiani Rizki Paramata
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North Gorontalo Regency with a huge fishery potential, including sea cucumbers in Dudepo Village, District of Ponelo such as Holothuriascabrasand cucumber, and several other types of sea cucumbers, this becomes an exciting thing to be developed as a sea cucumber cultivation area. This research was conducted for four months (March - June 2020) on Dudepo Island, Ponelo Islands, North Gorontalo Regency, Gorontalo Province. This research aims to map the High Economic Sea Cucumber Potential Area's suitability with the Geographic Information System Method(GIS). This research has conducted the method of determining the suitability level of the cultivation area based on the Conformity Matrix of the Sand Sea Cucumber Cultivation. The Criteria, Weight determine the area in producing a Conformity Map of the Sand Sea Cucumber Cultivation Area, and Score of each parameter (depth, underwater conditions, brightness, salinity, degree of acidity, protection, and sea surface temperature). This study is devoted to the Conformity of Sea Cucumber Cultivation Area with the Penculture method. Based on the analysis results, the waters of Dudepo Island are waters with a suitable percentage of suitability as a sea cucumber cultivation area with the Penculture method. Very Appropriate Class (S1) covering 137 Ha, with a percentage of 9%, and the rest Suitable Area (S2) covering 1340 Ha, with a percentage of 90.72%.
Seybold Publications
Arfiani Rizki PAramata, Munirah F. Tuli
Tipe Material
Jurnal of Seybold Report, Volume 15, No. 9, Tahun 2020, ISSN: 15339211
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