Muchtar Ahmad
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This research is entitled "Strengthening Local Tourism Product Attributes Towards National Tourism Destinations Bongo Village, Batudaa Beach District, Gorontalo Regency. The purpose of the study was to determine the Strengthening of Local Tourism Product Attributes Towards the National Tourism Destination of Bongo Village. The research method used is a qualitative research method with a descriptive approach and a triangulation model. The results showed that tcount = 7,363 > ttable = 1,989. The test results based on empirical data state rejection of H0 or in other words accept H1. The results of hypothesis testing have a significant effect of the attributes of local tourism products on the superiority value of the destination object. Other elements such as the tourist attraction of Bongo Village Gorontalo according to visitor responses are in the attractive category, the tourist facilities of Bongo Village are in the inadequate category, while the accessibility of the Bongo Village tourist attraction is in the quite available category. Management management (attractions, facilities and accessibility) will have a positive impact on the trust value of visitors to the Bongo Village tourist attraction. If it is improved again, it will be better to present attractions that will provide increased customer value. Facilities have an impact on customer value, meaning that the better the provision of facilities, the greater the customer value. And accessibility also has an impact on customer value, meaning that the better the provision of accessibility will provide increased customer value, so that it will increase the economic income of the community, especially the manager of the Bongo Village tourist attraction. With the superiority value, the increase in visitors obtained from the relatively better value of benefits, but seen from the category both the value of benefits and the value of sacrifices are included in the good category, it becomes the capital that determines the superiority of the religious tourism attraction of Bongo Village
European Journal of Research Development and Sustainability (EJRDS)
Muchtar Ahmad
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