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This research was designed to optimize the potentials of Karawo as the featured product of Gorontalo to have its own signature by creating various creative designs of Karawo, which has the cultural identity of Gorontalo to avoid market’s saturation to this local product due to its currently monotonous designs or motives. This research occupied the experimental method. Whereas, the research procedure is done through exploration of the unique new ideas of Gorontalo’s culture. The design process has led to the creation of twenty-one alternative sketches, which are the representation and visualization of concepts or ideas of those sketches. From those sketches, the best sketches then transformed into details, where the measurement of each motives, and the design pattern were transformed into the millimeter block for Karawo. The next process in this experimental research was the creation phase, where each design then embedded into the dress through the measurement, creating the basic pattern through practical and Mayneken methods. This process then followed up by adjusting the pattern according to the pattern of the design, making the Karawo Pattern, creating the design of the fabric, preparing the fabric, spreading, marking, cutting, bundling, creating the karawo embroidery, sewing with low speed manual machine, finishing, and the final touch process. The outcome of this research were fifteen design of dress with various creative, original, prospectus, and unique designs of Karawo. These designs would become the vocal point to promote the designs of Karawo, which would eventually improve the brand image of karawo and it would be useful in supporting the development of creative industry.
Postgraduate Program Semarang State University
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