Robert Tungadi
Jenis Penelitian
Insentif Jurnal Internasional Bereputasi (PNBP)
Sumber Dana
Trembesi (Samaneasaman) leaves is used by Gorontalo society as burn wound healing. It contains tannin, flavonoid, saponin, steroid, glikosida, and terpenoid. The aim of this study was to determine effective concentration of trembesi (Samaneasaman) leaves extract against burn wound healing on rat (Rattusnovergicus). Trembesi leaves extract was gained by maceration using methanol then trembesi leaves extract formulated into gel dosage form. Gel, contained trembesi leaves extract, was made into three concentrations such as 6%, 9%, and 12%. Gel basis was negative control and bioplacenton was positive control. After that, back skin of rat was injured by hot induction tool. The result of this study showed that group, content of 6% extract, described the healing effect average on thirteenth days. Meanwhile, gel, content of 9% extract, gave healing effect on eleventh days and 12% of extract showed that the average of healing process occurred on ninth days. From the result of one way ANOVA and Duncan test depicted that gel which gave burn wound healing the best was 12% of trembesi leaves extract. It means that the trembesi leaves extract containing saponin was one of active compounds which can accelerate collagen formation. It had function to accelerate wound healing process.