Sitti Roskina Mas
Jenis Penelitian
Insentif Jurnal Internasional Bereputasi (PNBP)
Sumber Dana
School principal is a professional fuctionary in a school organization. The professionality of the principal can be achieved if it has met certain requirements and criteria as it is defined in the Decre Number 162 of 2003, Article 9 paragraph (2) of National Education Minister of Indonesia about the Handbook of Teacher Assignment as the School principal, and the Regulation Number 13 of 2007 of the National Education Minister of Indonesia about the standards of school principal which consist of the school principal’s qualifications and competences. The purposes of the research are to describe (1) the creativity and innovation of the school principal in managing edotel, (2) the principal’s efforts to work hard and find a solution in Edotel management, and (3) the principal’s efforts to motivate the management team of Edotel in SMK 3 Malang. This research used a qualitative approach with observational case study design because this research is directed to reveal the sections of the activities, events or occurrences in the management of Edotel in SMK Negeri 3 Malang. The result show (1) physics of Edotel which is more interesting to be remembered by the public easier, integrating Edotel with the supporting facilities in an area of Edotel, changing the management system of Edotel from the decentralized into the centralized one (one gate system), streamlining the personnels of Edotel to minimize the costs, innovating the services to improve the quality of services according to the standard of four-starred hotel while providing educationimage services, and producing hexagonal water used by the school community, guests of Edotel, and sold to the public. (2) the hard work of the school principal in managing the Edotel of SMKN 3 Malang was conducted by completing the tools of Edotel in corporate with the local government and the school committee in order to operationalize the Edotel as the source of the students’ learning as well as of the school income, promoting Edotel either through printed and electronic media and by word-of-mouth marketing.