Basri Amin
Jenis Penelitian
Insentif Jurnal Nasional Terakreditasi (PNBP)
Sumber Dana
This article examines student politics articulated by university students in contemporary Ternate, North Maluku. The involvement of students in the political arena in the region is mostly organized through regional (ethnic) organizations. In the larger context, such local politics has been influenced by regional development resources dominated by the state. At the same time competition among local elites and ethnic groups flourish. This is the main background of a new formation of group interests in local level –-including local university students-- to gain group advantages. The case of Ternate, North Maluku, is an example of how groups of students organize their practical interests in the arena of politics by exploiting youth associations and ethnic organizations. Keywords: student, local politics, ethnicity, migration, Ternate, North Maluku