Jenis Penelitian
Insentif Jurnal Internasional Bereputasi (PNBP)
Sumber Dana
The objective of the study is to identify the underlying Islamic values to formulate the performance assessment underlying concept of Islamic banking. This study uses Islam as research paradigm and Islam phenomenology as research method. Analysis units in Islam phenomenological method are awareness informant, noema and noesis, reflection, intersubjectivity between subjects who are experienced and knowledgeable. Data used were interviews, observation, and documentation. This study found four values that can be used as a basis to formulate performance evaluation concept of Islamic banking, namely: ibadah (worship), muamalah (moslem business interaction), amanah (trust), and ihsan (benevolent). Based on these four values, Islamic banks goal is to create winning (Falah) for all stakeholders, both in this world life and hereafter.