Novriyanto Napu
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Gorontalo is one of Indonesia’s regions which have many tourist attractions that potentially interesting to visit both for domestic and foreign tourists. This has led to the availability of public information, such as public signs available in different languages, including English, Arabic, Mandarin and of course, Indonesian. This study aims at analyzing the representation of languages in Gorontalo from the perspective of linguistic landscape. Over two decades, a linguistic landscape research specifically meaning/making construction of public places signage has been broadly analyzed. The data are public signs and information available both in monolingual and bilingual. Data will be collected by capturing identified signs that are used for public information in Gorontalo city and Gorontalo regency. These data will then be analyzed qualitatively to examine the representation and types of languages used in the linguistic landscape in Gorontalo. It is expected that this study will shed light to the use of multilingualism from linguistic landscape perspective in Gorontalo.
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