Abd. Wahidin Nuayi
Jenis Penelitian
Unggulan Perguruan Tinggi (DP2M)
Sumber Dana
DP2M Dit. Litabmas
The purpose of this research is as a preliminary study for gathering information about teaching supervision as a professional service for teachers which is conducted by supervisors for developing professional teachers. Data in this research were gathered and collected through observation and interview. That data is data about teaching implementation activity of teachers who become the subject of this research, roles of supervisors in providing assistance and guidance and also obstacle faced by teachers and supervisors in science teaching implementation also supervision . Subject of this research are teachers who teach science in elementary school and junior high school of 6 regencies and cities in entire of Gorontalo province. 15 science teachers either from elementry school or junior high school are choosen as samples. Samples were choosen using purposive sampling technique. Based on observation of the teaching process in class, all respondents have already implemented preliminary activities such as prepare the student, apperception,explain Basic compentencies and objectives, main activities consist of exploration,elaboration,confirmation and closing.From observation,it can be seen that some teachers have already been using teaching media such as macromedia and nature as learning source. They also have already been using cooperative teaching model eventhough still dominated by teacher and student are still passive. Implementation of science teaching supervision have been done by supervisor and headmaster but still has not met the frequency as required in minimum service standard of primary education because has not met the criteria of twice a month and 3 hours in each visitation.
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