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This paper aims to assess the risk and action of climate change adaptation of specific food security sectors in Boalemo Regency based on the Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number P.33/MENLHK/Setjen/Kum.1/3/2016 on Guidelines for Climate Change Adaptation Action Formulation. Climate change is a necessity and has happened this earth. The impact of climate change on national food security occurs coherently, ranging from negative effects on resources (land and water), agricultural infrastructure (irrigation), to production systems through decreasing productivity, planting area and harvest. On the other hand, farmers have limited resources and ability to adapt to climate change. This requires concrete action by all stakeholders collectively in addressing the issue of climate change impacts. It is proposed to the District Government of Boalemo to address local climate change events with prioritization of adaptation options based on consideration of resource availability and constraints on the implementation of each adaptation option, including: (1) building of embungs, reservoirs and bending, drip irrigation, mulch, (2) development of draenase, improvement of irrigation, (3) adaptive seed breeding, use of organic fertilizer, (4) utilization of biopesticides, (5) alternative animal feeding training, and (6) consultation with mantri, animal age recording and calculation feed requirement. These efforts will be more useful if the rate of climate change does not exceed the ability to adapt. Anticipation and adaptation efforts need to be balanced with mitigation, ie efforts to reduce the source and increase the sink (absorber) of greenhouse gases.
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