Penulis / NIM
HARTATI HANAPI / 211408015
Program Studi
Pembimbing 1 / NIDN
RAFLIN HINELO, S.Pd.,M.Si / 0018067304
Pembimbing 2 / NIDN
RADIA HAFID, S.Pd, M.Si / 0025047103
ABSTRACT Hartati Hanapi, (2012)"Improving Student Learning Outcomes Through Cooperative Learning Model Study Using Jigsaw Lesson In Junior High School Social Studies Class VII 6 Wonosari the district was".Thesis Department of Education Economics Faculty of Economics and Business, State University of Gorontalo. I Raflin Hinelo supervisor, S.Pd, M and Supervisor II Radia Hafid, S.Pd, M.Sc. The study was conducted on a class action class VII students of SMP Negeri 6 Wonosari Boalemo District School Year 2011/2012. Students are subjected to the action amounted to 25 people consisting of 14 male students and 11 female students. The purpose of this study was to describe the type of jigsaw cooperative method of use in improving student learning outcomes IPS VII Junior High School grade 6 district was Wonosari. CYCLE I: The study is subject to 25 students a class action. Students who scored 70 or more students or a total of 8 people (32%) and a gain value down 70 or 17 students (68%). Can be seen most students have not reached their intended target. said to be complete in the classical students learn when 85% of the number of students have received grades 70 and above. Thus this study should be continued to the next cycle because the indicator has not met expectations. CYCLE II: learning outcomes which 25 students a class action. Students who scored 70 or above 22 students (88%) and the obtained value of 70 down 3 people or students (12%). Thus the employment indicator set has been reached. So the implementation of the action cycle I to cycle II there is an increase in student learning outcomes significantly by using a model of type Jigsaw cooperative learning. Thus the research hypothesis "if teachers use cooperative learning methods of the jigsaw type of student learning outcomes in social studies increases" have been properly tested and accepted. Keywords: Student Results, Jigsaw Learning Model Type.
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