Penulis / NIM
YISNA HUSAIN / 211408096
Program Studi
Pembimbing 1 / NIDN
Dr. HAMZAH YUNUS, M.Pd / 0023026008
Pembimbing 2 / NIDN
MEYKO PANIGORO, S.Pd, M.Pd / 0024057903
ABSTRACT Yisna Husain, 2012. Improve Students’ Learning Results on Entrepreneurship Subject Through Cooperative Learning Model of Jigsaw type at Third Year Class of SMKN 1 Paguyaman of Gorontalo District. Thesis. Study Program of Economics Education, Department of Economics Education, Faculty of Economics and Business, Gorontalo State University. Supervisors are Drs. Hamzah Yunus, M.Pd and Meyko Panigoro, S.Pd, M.Pd. The study was conducted with the formulation of the problem as follows: Is the jigsaw type of cooperative learning model enhances students’ learning result at third year class of SMKN 1 Paguyaman. The study aims to determine whether the use of cooperative learning models of jigsaw type enhance students’ learning result at third year class of SMKN 1 Paguyaman. The research was conducted in two cycles, beginning with preliminary observations on the subject of study as preliminary data. The results of research on entrepreneurship subjects, especially the material of the business establishment preparation by using a cooperative learning model of jigsaw type indicates that there is an increase in students’ learning result of receiving grades ? 70 of the first cycle to second cycle i.e. from 58.82% into 88.24 %. This occurs because of the alternative actions done in the learning process, although in this study of students’ learning result on the business establishment preparation can be improved. However, still needed further development, because the learning activities need to improve. Evaluation conducted at the end of the first cycle shows those 20 students (58.82%) that gained score above 70 with an average of 6.26. This amount is relatively low when compared with the success criteria of predefined actions. The low achievement in this cycle is caused by various factors, among others, not maximal yet the learning process employed by the teacher and student responses in their lessons have not been able to be raised by the teacher. Various deficiencies contained in the first cycle then refined in subsequent cycles / second cycles. In the second cycle is based on the results of evaluations conducted at the end of the learning of those students who are 34 students, 30 were (88.24%) gained score 70 above with an average grade 8.02. When compared with the achievements of learning results in first cycle, which only reached 58.82%. From the data above indicate that there is improve in students’ learning result for about 29.42% of the number of students who obtained the value 70 above of the first cycle to second cycle. Thus the hypothesis said: “If used cooperative learning model of jigsaw type, the students’ learning result on Entrepreneurship subject at third year class of SMKN 1 Paguyaman will increase”, proven and acceptable. Keywords: learning result and cooperative learning model of Jigsaw type
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