Penulis / NIM
ABD. RAHMAN ISA / 321407001
Program Studi
Pembimbing 1 / NIDN
INDRI WIRAHMI BAY, S.Pd, M.A / 0020088002
Pembimbing 2 / NIDN
SRI WIDYARTI ALI, S.Pd, M.Hum / 0006098201
Abstract Abd Rahman Isa (2015): "English Directive Illocutionary Act In The Dialogue of Nanny Mcphee Film" This research explores the English Directive Illocutionary Act In The Dialogue of Nanny McPhee Film'. It is conducted by using qualitative method. The data were taken from this a film as the source data. The research question "what are the types of English Directive illocutionary acts that are found in Nanny McPhee" is aimed to describe the types of English directive illocutionary acts that are found in Nanny McPhee film. The technique of collecting the data that is used in this research is dealing with document review. The author took the transcript of the film, and then pay attention the script based on the way of story. The author has acquired the transcript of the film from internet with the website: that is accessed in February 6th, 2015 so this matter could be easily understood by the author. The analyzing data was as follow. Firstly, the author read the transcripts of film many times. The author tries to combine it with the film. The focus of this alysis is the autor adjust the way of story in the film with the transcripts, including seeing the setting of the film. Secondly, after combining the transcript and the story way of film, the author separated the parts of utterance by dividing which is classified as directives and which is not. Thirdly, the data which has been classified is then adjusted with the film. It means that the author saw the spot where we find the act in the film. It aims to see the context of the film. As the result, this research found out that several things that are scoped in the following points: Directive speech act that is used in communication using direct and indirect directive speech acts. Direct directive speech act forms imperative sentences and indirect speech act refers to declarative and interrogative. Meaningfully, the types of directives speech acts that are found in the film Nanny McPhee involved four types, those are: commanding, prohibition, requesting, and advising. Keywords: English Directive, Illocutionary Act, Dialogue of Nanny Mcphee Film
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