Penulis / NIM
GLADYS SINGAL / 701519006
Program Studi
Pembimbing 1 / NIDN
Prof. Dr KARTIN LIHAWA, M.Pd / 0002085702
Pembimbing 2 / NIDN
MUZIATUN, S.Pd, M.App.Ling / 0004028201
As a common phenomenon in conversation, implicature becomes essential in order to understand the implied meaning of utterances. Implicature itself is caused by the violation of maxims, the set of rules in cooperative principle that regulate the speakers to be clear, informative, relevant and accurate in conversation. The King's Speech, one of British historical and biographical movies, has brought up the phenomenon of conversational implicatures through its variety dialogues. This study focuses on Grice's maxims theory. Therefore, the outcomes of this work are the identification of maxim realization and their literal meaning, and the identification of maxim violation and their implied meaning. This qualitative descriptive research conducted the data collection with documentation with the support of the movie script. The data analysis was conducted through these steps: (1) analyzing maxim realizations from the utterances that follow the maxims, (2) making interpretation of the literal meaning from each maxim realization, (3) analyzing maxim violations from the utterances that violate the maxims, (4) interpreting the implied meaning of conversational implicature from each of maxim violation. This study found that, there are quality maxim realizations, quantity maxim realizations, relation maxim realizations and manner maxim realizations in The King's Speech movie. In addition, the researcher also found that, there are quality maxim violations, quantity maxim violations, relation maxim violations and manner maxim violations in The King's Speech movie. Each of maxim realization and maxim violation has different number of utterance. Each of that maxim realization has their own literal meaning. Furthermore, each of the maxim violation found in the movie has their own implied meaning. This study also found 3 novelties. The first one is multi-maxim type utterance: this term refers to the utterances which could be included into more than one maxim type at once. This kind of utterances occurred both in maxim realizations and maxim violations. The second one is backwards context: this term refers to the previous context that contains equal and relevant information before the recent context. This term could involve information which provided by other references that have relation with the recent context. The third one is forwards context: this term refers to the subsequent context that contains equal and relevant information after the recent context. The availability of backwards context and forwards context is to support the recent context in order to sharpen the researcher's perspective to build a stronger, relevant and appropriate interpretation. Keywords: Conversational Implicature, Cooperative Principles, Grice's Maxims, The King's Speech, Multi-Maxim Type Utterance, Backwards Context, Forwards Context.
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