Penulis / NIM
Nurbaiti Boyuhu / 750115012
Program Studi
Pendidikan Bahasa
Pembimbing 1 / NIDN
Prof. Dr. Hj Moon H Otoluwa, M.Hum / 0002095910
Pembimbing 2 / NIDN
Dr. Rasuna R. Talib, M.Hum / 0012126807
The main problem of this research was “what is the personality indicator of English teachers at SMKN 2 Limboto?, what is the social indicator of English teacher at SMKN 2 Limboto? and what are the teachers’ indicators toward the applying of lesson study approach in building teachers’ personality and social competence of English at SMKN 2 Limboto?. the objective was aimed to build the teachers’ personality and social competences in teaching English through lesson study approach and to explore the teachers’ perception toward the use of lesson study approach on teaching English. This reasearch used qualitative method. The data gathered from observation, interview, and quisionnaire. The findings showed that there are there are five main personal competences of English teachers could be concerntrated, they are: 1) Act as in religious, law, social, and cultural norms; 2) Displays as truthful, virtuous, and exemplary personalities for students and societies; 3) Displays as securely, balanced, adult, wise, and powerful personalities; 4) Reveal work ethic, high responsibility, self-importance as teacher, and self-confidence.; 5) Have ethic code in teacher’s profession and referring to social competence, the main competence intends to acts in inclusive, objective, and indiscriminative by considering sex, religion, races, physical condition, family background, and economical social status concerns (Act in inclusive and objective to students in learning process, and act in indiscriminative to students, relatives, parents, and stakeholders because of religion inequality, races, sex, family background, and social-economical background). The result of that there are teacher indicators of competence as teaching strategy in English.
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