Hais Dama
- Ekonomi
This research aims to examine and analyze society perception towards banking service and implementation of digital finance service (Inclusive Finance) for society in Regency of Gorontalo Utara, Gorontalo Province. Main target of this research is a society in the unbanked category namely those who are out of banking service access either in doing the saving transaction, credit or other services. This is qualitative research focuses on how the implementation of digital finance service is as an effort of improving the welfare of society and assisting them in obtaining easiness in doing the transaction. Research finding reveals that level of community’s perception towards banking service in Regency of Gorontalo Utara which is measured by five variables/ components obtain a high level of appropriateness for 84,6% and the lowest is empathy for 80,7%. Yet, the entire society perception towards the banking service is quite good. 21% of society does not want to save their money in the bank due to its difficulty in the process, particularly when filling form, as well as completeness of document, becomes a requirement to save in the bank. The other reasons are they do not fully trust towards the bank and the distance between their homes with the bank is quite far. The result of need analysis of agent of Digital Finance Service, particularly for Regency of Gorontalo Utara reveals that a number of unbanked adult society in the Regency is 86,402 people. This number means 37 agents of Digital Finance Service is needed which is based on the percentage of customer target for 11,180 people.
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