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Disease in aquaculture activities is one of the problems that often causes losses for farmers. Bacteria are one of the causes that can cause disease and even death in freshwater fish. Bacteria that often infect freshwater fish, especially carp are Aeromonas sp. These bacteria can cause disease and can even cause death in carp seeds. Disease control in freshwater fish aquaculture activities can be done by administering antibacterial both derived from synthetic chemicals and natural materials derived from plants. Binahong is one of the plants that contains flavonoid compounds that function as anti-bacteria. This study aims to determine the effect of soaking binahong (Anredera Cordifolia) leaf extract with different doses on carp seeds infected with Aeromonas sp. The research method is an experimental method consisting of four treatments with three replications. Test animals used were carp measuring ± 5 cm and were infected with Aeromonas sp. Goldfish seeds infected with Aeromonas sp were soaked in binahong extract solution with different dosages, namely A: 0.7g / l, B: 0.9g / l, C: 1.1g / l and D: control. Soaking is carried out for thirty minutes and after soaking the fish seeds are maintained using an aquarium with a density of 1 fish / l. The results showed that immersion of binahong leaf extract with different dosages affected the prevalence rate of Aeromonas that infects goldfish seeds.
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Juliana, Citra Panigoro, Yuniarti Koniyo
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Proceeding of The 2nd International Conference on Food and Agriculture (ICOFA), ISBN 978-602-14917-9-9
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